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About Us

Company PHU TRANSMAR Marek Przybyło was established in 1990 and operates in the handling of bulk materials. Its founder and owner to this day is Mr. Marek Przybyło.



Principal activity of the company is based on the transport and sale of bulk materials:

 Construction, such as:

Cement, fly ash, coal, slag cement, lime, sand, chalk, gypsum, perlite, granules, bentonite, silica, soda, anhydrite, bran, biomass, cellulose, solidury, lipidury, carbon black, iron oxide,


 Flour, flakes and sunflower seeds, corn meal and corn, cereal, bran,

 Transportation and sale of concrete

 occasional sales of vehicles.



The area of the company is throughout Europe, especially countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Romania.



The company has many years of experience in providing freight forwarding and transport of bulk materials. Our customers appreciate our professional and comprehensive technical support, reliability and timely execution of orders and care for a good of the customer.



Currently we have a base class equipment for the carriage of bulk self-unloading, which manages the logistics department. Rolling stock company consists of a tractor brand SCANIA, MAN and semi SPITZER tanks, FELDBINDER, VALART with volumes from 35 to 40m3 and tanks in the Kip Silo with volumes from 45 to 60 m3.

There is  47 sets of these types available in our company.

For a transport of concrete mixers we have 20 brand MAN and MERCEDES.

We replace our fleet often so  it reaches the highest European standards for the protection of the environment.

Another advantage is the direct sourcing of fuel to preserve the quality and reliability.



In order to provide services at the highest level we have the following licenses and certificates of insurance:

  • A license for the carriage of goods in national and international traffic
  • Liability insurance carrier in the domestic and international market
  • “Sanepid” Certificates for transporting food
  • Transportation Technical Supervision certificate for drivers to handle the requirements for filling and emptying the tanks transportable pressure for bulk materials
  • Technical inspection of all tanks
  • Audit of transport


We hope that our offer will meet your expectations. For any additional questions we willbring the answers in person, by phone, fax or e-mail.

Join us!

Provided Services

Transport of bulk materials Transport of food Transport of concrete Sale of buildings materials